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A 9 day 900km mountain bike race through South Africa

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Joberg2c is a ‘must do’ bucket list event for any serious mountain biker around the world. Each April for the past 11 years 750 riders have ridden their mountain bikes off road from Heidelberg, just outside Johannesburg, to a small town Scottsburgh, just south of Durban on the Indian Ocean coast. Each day is spent in a different race village slowly moving through the country and touching the rural communities along the way.

PT Productions have been privileged to film and document this event for the past 7 years.

Production Details

Due to the size of the production, we have used a small team of videographers and editors to produce 9 daily highlights shows that are screened to the riders in the evening and uploaded to either TV or more recently Youtube and Facebook.

The current team consists of 1 editor and two cameramen. Filming from motorcycles, and off-road vehicles, using drones to capture amazing aerials, this is a special event that we look forward to each year. (COVID permitting)

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Same Day Edits

Each day our editor, Ruan, completes a full showground and aerial footage, interview, maps all go into this broadcast-quality production.

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Live Event Capture

Filming a live event takes lots of planning and liaising with the event organiser to ensure success.

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Pre Production

Designing graphics, creating intros, leaderboards etc. helps streamline things when you only have a few hours to turn around a show.

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“He and his crew are outstanding, offering a mix of creativity and maturity that always puts the clients needs first. The end product is however the proof and it has always been world-class.”

Craig Wapnick, Event Organiser

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