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State of Anaesthesiology in South Africa and Worldwide

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In late 2019, just before the pandemic we were asked by SASA to produce a video documenting the state of Anaesthesiology in South Africa. It was to be a series of indepth interviews, over a period of time, with members of the Society. We backed this up with B Roll taken in theatres and hospitals in Johannesburg and Cape Town.
It became apparent the content would be emotive in parts as Anaesthesiology has the highest rate of suicide in all the medical professions.

We interviewed 15 anaesthetists and edited and produced the video for a large conference within a 4 week time window. Once the pandemic hit, it was felt that we needed to shoot an update with masks and PPE to give the production some perspective. The video has since been shown to other medical
Associations around the world.

PT PRO video recording and editing

Video Recording & Editing

We shot interview footage on our Canon GX10 camera, LED lights, and Sennheiser radio mics.

PT PRO audio and podcasting services

Outsourced Musician

We also acquired the skills of a songwriter/composer to create an emotive bespoke soundtrack.

PT Pro short edit

Cut Down Edit

This video was 9 minutes long. Too long for most attention spans so we created a ‘cut down’ edit.

PT Pro SASA video editing
PT Pro SASA video editing

“His response was unequivocal and he only asked how he could help the healthcare workers more. This compassion, commitment, quality and professionalism is truly appreciated.”

Natalie Zimmelman, CEO, SASA

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