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V8stealthbeetle is one of the most enjoyable and long-term projects PT Productions has been involved in. Originally Engineer and designer Jean Fourie wanted to build himself a V8-powered VW Beetle. We said we would help document this amazing project. 7 years later and the one-off supercar is now a thriving business selling full vehicles and Chassis and component sets to petrol heads around the world.

With over 55 videos documenting the development and build process, the video has helped create a community of fans, followers, and purchasers of this incredible vehicle around the world.

Production Details

PT Productions films at various points along the way and then edits together episodes, creating entertaining and educational content. Doug also hosts the shows with a spell in front of the camera. Everything is hosted on the V8stealthbeetle Youtube Channel and has resulted in millions of Rands in sales.

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Creating an income

Video has single handedly built the community that has turned viewers into owners. Turning a dream into a business.

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Infront of the camera

As a host on the show, being in front of the camera has helped me appreciate the difficulties of presenting. But it’s fun.

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Community Building

Growing a youtube following organically (not paying for subscribers) takes time but it’s worth it. 35,000 subs and nearly 5 million views can create an income.

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“Doug has always been professional in each and every project we have undertaken. Dealing with him has been an absolute joy.”

Jean Fourie, Owner & Founder

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