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More info on the project

WNDYR are an international remote based company who focus on the future of work. They help us humans remain relevant as me move to a more automated future.

They asked PT Productions to produce their podcast called Future of Work for their blog Chaos & Rocketfuel

On a regular basis, WNDYR CEO Claire Haidar and PT Productions founder Doug Foulkes meet industry experts and chat to them about their take on the future or the workplace.

Production Details

PT Productions fully produces as well as hosts the podcast. Starting with researching the guest with Claire, we decide where we want the conversation to go. The organic nature of the show, means it often goes off in another direction. We record the show and then it’s into the edit suite for cleaning and audio quality checks as well as a full content edit.

Once the guest has signed off the show we upload it to the podcast host, we transcribe the show for SEO and we finally upload it to the WNDYR website.

We also create short video teasers for WNDYR to promote the show on their social media.

PT Pro podcast

Complete Podcast Production

From planning to recording, editing, uploading and releasing. We can make it happen.

PT PRO audio and podcasting services

Quality Audio

Getting quality audio over the internet with remote guests can be tricky. We record each speaker locally and then clean and equalise each track.

PT PRO social media content management

Content Editing

Tightening up the edit means taking out filler words and gaps. This makes the show more listenable.

PT Pro wndyr podcast
PT Pro audio services

“Easy to work with: good communicators, handle feedback very well and are willing to get creative and do things iteratively until something really good is found that can be scaled.”

Claire Haidar, CEO, WNDYR

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